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The IMK Group

Helping businesses find and recruit new employees.

The IMK Group

Fill open positions quickly for a fraction of the cost.

The IMK Group is a family and faith-based business focused on helping clients find and recruit new employees

Find Your Next Star Employee

Human Resources and Talent Acquisition teams use The IMK Group to find the best potential employees faster, easier, and with fewer expenses than large corporate recruiters and head-hunter agencies.

Talent-Finding Solutions


Finding great talent is tough. Get connected to qualified, quality job seekers with a personalized touch from The IMK Group.


Our partnership with your company is vital in the employee-seeking process. We’ll listen to your needs and fill open positions quickly.


HR leaders are facing ultra-competitive hiring challenges. The IMK Group uses multiple avenues when searching for your next star employee.


Keep dollars invested in your business. We’ll grow your team for a fraction of the price compared to large corporate recruiters and agencies.

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